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Wicked Twister
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Wicked Twister

It’s a roller coaster
… with a twist!

Cedar Point amusement park/resort announced plans November 20 to build the tallest and fastest “double-twisting” impulse roller coaster in the world for its 2002 season.

Named Wicked Twister, this 215-foot-tall, 72-mph steel stunner is Cedar Point’s 15th scream machine, breaking the park’s own world record for having

more coasters than anywhere else on Earth.

Possible Wait Times

Look for waits to be around 1 hour and longer on busy summer days. FreeWay is available: Look for the booth!




Cedar Point




Operating since 5/5/2002


Intamin AG


Inverted, LIM/LSM, Shuttle






Wicked Twister rounds out Cedar Point's coaster collection nicely by adding a great, intense launched ride. The pull in and out of the vertical spikes will make you feel three times your weight in that seat.

You can be sure that the "money seat" is without question the back seat. Because the fastest pass through the station is backward, you'll hit that pull at 72 mph, and just as soon as you've absorbed that shock, you'll be twisted around the full 450 degrees up the spike. Then you'll whirl face down toward the ground. Good times!

The front is an interesting ride as well just for the view. It's similarly intense but you're not caught of guard as much since you can see where you're headed. The middle seat (row 9) has an interesting point on the rear passes where you feel like you've got enough hang time to get out and touch the maintenance platform at the top of the supports.

Generally speaking, the closer to the back you are, the better the ride.











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