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RC Parc Astérix
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Parc Astérix is a French themepark
with the cartoon heroes Asterix and Obelix.

o you like more waterrides, well you have 4 choices.

The park offers a lot of great rides.
If you love rollercoasters, just try Tonerre de Zeus, Goudurix, or Trace du Hourra, the big 2001-attraction.

The park is very well themed, and offers also a lot of shows, and they have paid a lot of attention for families and children.

Tonerre de Zeus - Rankades 1:a i Europa av ThemePark Vision Loopy Awards 2003

Tonnerre de Zeus

The thunder of Zeus, or Tonerre de Zeus, is considered to be one of Europe's best wooden coaster.
This CCI coaster may not be the highest one, it has a very surprising twisted layout.
The first drop is good, and there is airtime along the track.

Type: Wooden
Status: Operating since 1997
Builder: Custom Coasters International, Inc.
Arrangement: 7 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 28 riders per train.
Tonerre de Zeus - one of the top 3 rides in the World! säger American Midway 1999
Length (m): 1232.6
Height (m): 29.9
Inversions: 0
Speed (kph): 83.7
Elements: 572° Helix
Other Information
Theme: In Greek mythology, Zeus was the king of gods, and is associated as being a weather god. His weapon was a thunderbolt, which he hurled at those who displeased him.
Features: First drop into a tunnel.
History: "Tonnerre de Zeus" is French for "Thunder of Zeus".
I was completely blown away by Zeus. Start off with (brakeless) Timber Wolf, take a mirror image, make the turns CCI swoopy, make the helix twice as fast, and make the ending more exciting, and you'll have an idea of what
Sense of Cick
Softness - Comfort
Family Value
Surprising Element
Theming - Concept
Waiting Times & -area's
Tonerre de Zeus is all about. Thanks to a relatively  light crowd day, we were able to ride Zeus about a dozen times, and sample all seats. Needless to say, all seats were nothing short of incredible, but I tended to enjoy the back that much more


Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 1989
Make / Model: Vekoma / Custom MK-120
Length (m): 950
Inversions: 7
Elements: Butterfly
Batwing (Double Sidewinder)
Double Corkscrew

Goudurix was the first steel coaster in Europe, having more than 6 inversions.
This Vekoma coaster looks really great, and is located near the lake. The ride itself is rather rough and very intense.
Names: Périférix (2003 to ?)
Trans'Arverne (1990 to 2002)
Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 1990
Make / Model: Zierer / Tivoli - Medium
Categories: Family





Park: Parc Astérix
Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 1991 or earlier
Make / Model: Zierer / Tivoli - Small
Categories: Family
Other Information
History: This roller coaster is a bit hard to find if you don't know where to look. Starting at the park entrance you have a main street area that leads to the Roman theater. Here the midway splits, stay to the right heading towards the large rock formation which is part of "Le Grand Splatch". Don't go past the entrance to the themed boat ride "Epidemaïs Croisières" (Epidemäis's Cruises). In this area the powered cart track of "Les Espions de César" (Cesar's Spies) will be overhead. On the left side of the midway almost underneath the "Les Espions de César" will be a small uphill path. Follow this path and it will take you right to the Serpentin. Another way to get to the Serpentin is by going through "La fôret des Druïdes" (the forest of the druides), a children's play area.

Trace Du Hourra

Type: Steel - Bobsled
Status: Operating since 3/31/2001
Make / Model: Mack / Bobsled
Length (m): 900
Inversions: 0
Speed (kph): 60

Vol D'Icare

Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 1994
Make / Model: Zierer / Hornet
Capacity (riders per hour): 1150
Length (m): 410
Height (m): 10.7
Inversions: 0
Speed (kph): 42
Arrangement: 5 trains with 2 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 8 riders per train.
Other Information
Theme: In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of Daedalus, an architect and sculptor. After being imprisoned for offending the king of Crete, Icarus and Daedalus, in order to escape, made two pairs of large wings out of feathers and wax. They flew away with these wings fastened on their shoulders, but Icarus fell into the sea.
History: "Vol D'Icare" is French for "Flight of Icarus.


Roller Coasters på Parc Astérix 2003 6 st







 140 cm





 110 cm





 90 cm


1991 or earlier


Tonnerre de Zeus

 140 cm




Trace Du Hourra

120 cm




Vol D'Icare

 110 cm



Roller Coasters    

Goudurix Action Family Theme
Steel Multiloop Coaster

Le Serpentin Action Family Theme
Junior Steel Coaster

La Trace du Hourra Action Family Theme
Bobsled Coaster

Périférix Action Family Theme
Junior Steel Coaster

Tonnerre de Zeus Action Family Theme
Wooden Coaster

Vol d'Icare Action Family Theme
Junior Steel Coaster
2. Water Splash Rides    

Le grand Splash Action Family Theme

Menhir Express Action Family Theme
Log Flume

Oxygénarium Action Family Theme
Spinning Rapid Raft

Styx Action Family Theme
Rapid River
3. Dark Rides with Audio Visual Effects    

Le cinéma en 3 dimensions Action Family Theme
3D movie (Canada-Nord)

Transdemonium Action Family Theme
Ghost Train
4. Thrill Rides    

Hydre de Lerne Action Family Theme

La Galère Action Family Theme
Bounty/Swinging Ship

Le cheval de Troie Action Family Theme
Flying Carpet (Trojan Horse)
5. Family Attractions    

Epidemaïs Croisière Action Family Theme
Tow Boat Ride

Les chaises volantes Action Family Theme
Wave Swinger

Les chaudrons Action Family Theme
Teacup Ride

Les espions de César Action Family Theme
Little Monorail

Nationale 7 Action Family Theme
Car Ride (oldtimers)

Rivière d'Elis Action Family Theme
Tow Boat Ride
6. Kiddie Rides    

Camp de petitbonhum Action Family Theme
Kinder Garten

Carroussel de César Action Family Theme

La foret des druides Action Family Theme
Children's Ride-zone

La petite tempete Action Family Theme
Children's Caroussel

Le petit train Action Family Theme
Park-Train (for kids)

Les chevaux du Roy Action Family Theme

Les petits chars tamponneurs Action Family Theme
Bumper Cars (for kids)

Les petits drakkars Action Family Theme
Children's Caroussel
7. Shows - Entertainment    

10000 ans de magie
Magic show (Théâtre de Panoramix)

Les Musquetaires

Les stars de l'empire
Acrobatic Show - stunts and humor

Le village d' Astérix

Main basse sur la Joconde

Théâtre de la Fontaine
Puppet Theatre (fables from De La Fontaine)

Théâtre de Poseidon
Animal Show with delphins


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