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Visit the new themed areas in Six Flags Belgium.
Go to France and ride the 2001 wooden coaster, Loup Garou.
The other big addition can be found in 'Thousand and One Nights': let's have fun in Cobra, a Boomerang coaster, and Palais dus Génie, a Mad House. Other new themed areas are Bugs Bunny Land (for the children), Italy and Caraibes.
Other big rides in the park are: Turbine, Vampire and Dalton Terror.
You want water, go into Radja River, Flashback, or pay a visit to Aqualibi.


his Wherewolf is the biggest addition to the SixFlags Conversion.
he coaster was opened on April 28th 2001, and was built by Vekoma. Loup Garou has 10 dips and 7 curves along its 1km journey.
he highest top is 32m. It can reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h.
The only wooden roller-coaster in Belgium!
Unusual vibrations guaranteed.

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Type: Wooden
Status: Operating since 4/28/2001
Make / Model: Vekoma / Wooden
Designer: Stand Company
Length (m): 1035
Height (m): 30
Inversions: 0
Speed (kph): 80
Other Information
History: "Loup Garou" is French for "Werewolf" (English) or "Weerwolf" (Dutch).
Length (m): 785
Height (m): 14
Inversions: 0
Speed (kph): 48.4
Duration (m:ss): 2:50
G-Force (g): 2.2
Elements: 12m tall Lift Hill
14m tall Lift Hill
Calamity Mine
Names: Calamity Mine (1998 to ?)
Colorado (1992 to 1997)
Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 1992
Make / Model: Vekoma / Mine Train (785m)
Categories: Mine Train
Capacity (riders per hour): 1600
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Calamity Mine is less exciting than Werewolf and even Tornado. What's more, this mine train is not even that original. So why, you might ask, this 4th placing?
Well, simply because it is possible to achieve high standards all the while remaining traditional.
Calamity Mine has done very well in terms of creating a theme and designing a path for the train: beautiful décor, humps, descents, bends and modest speeds when compared to other roller coasters, but they follow each other rapidly, making the ride a lot of fun. It may be difficult to make a roller coaster aficionado tremble, but it is even more difficult to satisfy the whole family.
hat is precisely what Calamity Mine succeeds in doing.
Arrangement: 3 trains with 5 cars per train.
Notes: Each car has three rows of two riders with the exception of the first with only one row. This makes 26 riders per train.

Again another Vekoma creation, Vampire is an inverted roller coaster, which means the tracks are above your head, leaving your legs dangling in mid-air. The 661.5 meter ride with a classical design includes a good 30 meter descent and five inversions: it all happens very fast (at times close to 90 km/h), besides the inversions there are also many bends...and you laugh a lot. However, we do have one reservation about this ride, and it could apply to all inverted coasters, and that is that only the two people at the front can see and anticipate what is going to happen. For the others, it is a two-minute ride filled with chaos but they do leave slightly frustrated at not having "understood everything".

Type: Steel - Inverted
Status: Operating since 1999
Make / Model: Vekoma / SLC (689m Standard)
Capacity 1040 riders per hour


Length (m): 689
Height (m): 33.3
Inversions: 5
Speed (kph): 80
Duration (m:ss): 1:36
Elements: Roll Over
Double In-Line Twist (Double Spin)
Arrangement: 2 trains with 10 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 20 riders per train.

Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 1999
Make / Model: Zierer / Tivoli - Small
Categories: Kiddie
The younger ones enjoy this ride.

It is a small, but nice kiddie coaster.
Length (m): 61
Inversions: 0

1999 täcktes loopen, jämför bilderna, för att minska ljud och få ett häftigare åk.

Second in our ranking, Turbine is a shuttle coaster made by Schwartzkopf. A shuttle coaster is one where the train goes in one direction and then travels the same path but in the opposite direction...backwards so-to-speak. The tracks are 220 metres long and so the ride covers 440 metres in total. It is actually quite simple: a straight line takes you at 85 km/h to the summit of a 70° incline 42 meters above ground, and then the same thing but in the opposite direction to an identical incline. The thrust in the beginning is unbelievable. And in the middle of the climb (or descent for that matter) there is a looping. In 1999, a building was built to cover the central part of the ride that includes the looping because it was too noisy. An idea that turned out to be brilliant since apart from reducing the noise, those that get on to the ride do not see the looping, thus making the ride more fun.
Names: Turbine (1999 to ?)
Sirocco (1981 to 1998)
Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 1981
Make / Model: Schwarzkopf / Shuttle Loop
Method of Propulsion: Flywheel Launch
Categories: Shuttle
Length (m): 220.1
Height (m): 42
Inversions: 1
Speed (kph): 85.3
Angle Of Descent (degrees): 70
Elements: Loop

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Arrangement: Single train with 7 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 28 riders.
Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 4/28/2001
Make / Model: Vekoma / Boomerang
Categories: Shuttle
Capacity 750 riders per hour

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Length (m): 266.7
Height (m): 38.1
Inversions: 3
Speed (kph): 77.2
Duration (m:ss): 1:48
Elements: Cobra Roll (Boomerang)

Last but not least, first prize for "Best Roller Coaster at Six Flags Belgium" goes to Cobra. Like Werewolf, it is another 2001 Vekoma product, but it is much less accessible than the wooden coaster.
nd that is because Cobra, another shuttle coaster, elicits sensations that only true adrenaline lovers would appreciate. When you first get on the train you think you are immediately surprised since, contrary to your expectations, you go backwards instead of forwards.
The train keeps rising and rising until it stops at a height of 38 metres. And there you know you are going to do down which does nothing to reassure you: the descent is at 80 km/h you pass the spot where you got on without stopping and a series of spirals and loopings follow one after another. After all that, Cobra takes you back up to 38 meters on a ramp that is symmetrical to the first. Once at the top you hurtle down, but this time you're going backwards! And all the looping and spirals described above are done backwards as well. This is the most testing moment of the whole much for the heart as for your zygomaticss.
Well, you can now unfasten your seatbelts.


Roller Coasters på Six Flags Belgien 2003 6st







Calamity Mine

 100 cm


Sit Down




 130 cm


Sit Down




 90 cm


Sit Down




 120 cm


Sit Down






Sit Down




 120 cm


Sit Down




 130 cm






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