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Indiana Beach
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Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Castle
Dag 10 Måndag 20 juni

fter en skön natts sömn på Hampton Inn Muskegon åker söderut i staten Michigan på Lake Michigans östra sida.

Vi tar oss 20 mil rakt söderut, av dom 36 milen vi behöver åka denna dag, och kommer in i staten Indiana.
Efter ungefär en och halv timme åker vi in i Indiana och vid den första staden, som är Michigan City här tar vi av till en stor märkes Outlet som heter  Lighthouse Place och är en del av Outlet kedjan Premium Outlets.
Det finns 120 olika Outlet Stores här.

Här kan vi kanske stanna till lite för att se vad som finns att bränna lite plast eller dollares på.

Cornball Express til vänster byggd 2001, till höger Hoosier Hurricane byggd 1994
Lighthouse Place ligger bara 2,8 mil ifrån vårt boende de sista 2 nätterna på Hampton Inn Portage, så om det är bra finns det möjlighet till fler besök.

är vi kollat upp Lighthouse Place
åker vi vidare 11 milen rakt söderut mot Monticello, Thomas Jefferson födelse ort, och vidare till Indiana Beach.

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain en udda bana i trä ifrån 2002

Till vänster är den 17 meter höga Cornball Express och till högerden 23,5 meter höga Hoosier Hurricane

fter besöket i parken åker vi de 14 milen till
Hampton Inn Portage
för en välbehövlig natts sömn.

Cornball Express och Hoosier Hurricane i solbedgången

The Story behind Indiana Beach started in 1923 when Earl Spackman purchased a lot on what was to become Lake Shafer , a new man made lake on the Tippecanoe RIver, and built a cottage. When Lake Shafer was filled in 1924, a number of people would stop and ask if there wa a good beach on the Lake. In fact, so many stopped, that Spackman saw a business opportunity.In 1925, when Lake Shafer was drained to fill Lake Freeman (a 2nd man made lake below Shafer), Spackman leased the land for the beach.

From a gravel pit that existed before the lake was filled, horse drawn wagons were used to move sand and gravel to form the original sand beach swimming area.

The beach opened June 28th, 1926 with a small bathhouse building, refreshmant stand, and 10 rowboats. As crowds grew, plans were made for a hotel, rental cottages and toboggan slide for the 1927 season.At the time of the founding of the resort, Earl Spackman was the Ideal Furnace distributor for Indiana. Spackman borrowed the money to build the resort from the Ideal Furnace Co. & Ideal Beach seemed like a logical choice for a name when the resort opened in 1926.A new bsllroom was built in 1929 & 1930 with the dance hall scheduled to open the summer of 1930.The building burned down a week before the opening, but the ballroom was rebuilt and still exisits today.
På sjön Lake Schaffer ligger Indiana Beach:s huvudgata eller Midway som man kallar det
It played host to some of the world's major musical attractions such as Duke Ellington, The Beach Boys, Bill Haley & the Comets, Glen Miler, The Who, Conway Twitty, The Birds, Simon & Garfunkel, and Ricky Nelson.

Ideal Beach evolved with the addition of amusement rides and food areas. Tom Spackman, son of founder Earl Spackman, took over the reins of management. In 1951, he changed the name to Indiana Beach to give the resort area stronger ties to its home state

Vagnarna på Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain ser skramliga och bra ut

New attractions have been added over the years, many of which came directly from the imagination of Tom Spackman. With the addition of the I.B. Campground, Indiana Beach Amusement Resort became the largest vacation area in Indiana. In 1994, Indiana Beach added The Hoosier Hurricane roller coaster, forever resurrecting the wooden roller coaster in the state of Indiana and making Indiana Beach & the state of Indiana a tourist destination for all to come and enjoy.

Located in the middle of the Indiana cornfields is a sand beach, complete with refreshing, clear water, and warm sand.
The Sand Beach Swimming Area at Indiana Beach is the centerpiece of the beautiful resort area. Here, visitors can relax in the warm sun, or cool off in a pool of cool, clear water.
Building a sand castle, stretching out for a tan, or swimming and playing with friends and family in the cool water, all visitors to the Sand Beach Swimming Area create memories to cherish forever.

There is no summer refresher quite like the wild, cool splashes of a water slide. Indiana Beach offers six of the midwest's largest and wildest water slides, taking fun-loving riders for a downhill trip to pure summer refreshment.

Through twists, turns, high speeds, and a slip-n-slide splash down, sliders are washed into a grand dunk in a refreshing water pool and the perfect enjoyment of the original summer fun.

Indiana Beach should not be compared to the typical theme park where everyone is charged a high admission whether or not he or she cares to enjoy the rides or amusements. Park Entrance Fee is $2.00 per person. Guests who stay in our Motel, Inn, Cottages, or Camp Resort receive free park admission. Children age 3 and under receive free entrance admission only with a paying adult. Purchase of ride, cruise, water park, and beach tickets is additional and purely optional!

SAND BEACH SWIMMING AREA: $3.00 per person and includes use of Bath House.

WATER PARK: is $15.00 per person 44" tall and over, and includes admission to Sand Beach Swimming Area, Action River, 5 Water Slides, Speed Slide, and use of Bath House.
Access to Action River, Sand Beach, and Bath House only is $10.00.
Text ifrån
Indiana Beach is a small traditional amusement park located on a peninsular of the beautiful Lake Shafer, a man made lake created by the NIPSCO dams. The park has two entrances: the North Entrance, and the South Entrance.

To enter the South Entrance visitors must cross Indiana's largest suspension bridge, which gives wonderful views of the park and lake.

There is a nominal admission charge to enter the park, and then guests can purchase a Pay One Price wristband giving unlimited entry to most attractions; alternatively, guests can purchase tickets.
The park opens at 11am, and sometimes closes as late as 11pm.

Wristbands are divided into two riding sessions (usually 11am-6pm, and 4pm-11pm.)
There is also a small water park for which there is an additional charge.

When Indiana Beach opened in 1926 it was known as Ideal Beach, and it was just a beach with boat rental and a picnic pavilion.

A ballroom was later added, and several big stars performed there including Glenn Miller and his band.
n 1947 the first rides appeared at Indiana Beach, a Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round.

n 1952 a boardwalk was built and the park name was changed to Indiana Beach.
In 1971 Galaxi, the park's first roller coaster was added. Four more coasters have since been added to Indiana Beach, which is now Indiana's most visited amusement park, with more than 800,000 visitors a year.
I visited the park at the end of May 2002, disappointed to find that the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain was still lost! Due to a spate of bad weather, construction had fallen behind, and the ride was still not open, despite adverts saying it was!

Parking is free. I entered the park at the South Entrance crossing the lake over the suspension bridge. What a great way to enter a park - a wobbly bridge over a lake with wonderful views of two wooden coasters running along the side of the park. It was a weekday and although school was out, the park was relatively empty with walk-ons, or station waits all day.

Taking family fun to its wettest level, The Big Flush is Indiana Beach's refreshing and unique water coaster.
Jump into the raft and take a ride down the twisting, turning, and dropping pipeline towards a destination of pure enjoyment. When the raft hits from the final splashdown, this blast of summer fun awakens the youthful gleam in all.
Big water slide that you use a little rubber boat to ride. This is not part of the water park. The Big Flush has two tunnels. One is pitch black and the other is blue. Wonderful on a hot day, cause you get really wet sometimes.


The Double Shot and Frog Hopper are two rides that take family fun to a whole new level ... and then right back down again!
Once locked in, the Double Shot ride fires straight into the air. Then, just as the clouds come into full view, the riders are plummeted back down to the shore of Lake Shafer. With barely enough time to catch their breath, the Double Shot keeps hold of the riders and does it all again, straight back into the air and straight back down.

The park was clean and had the cheapest food I've ever seen at a park, for instance. Although the park was not busy, there was still a nice family atmosphere, which I'm sure would be even better at night. The staff were okay, but didn't really have to work that hard as the park was not busy. Re-rides would have been nice, but this is obviously not park policy.

Indiana Beach has a great boardwalk feel to it, and all of the rides are located very close together, kind of like a small Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The park is reasonably priced, but I would like to see the admission price included with the wristband, as I don't like having to pay twice.

Indiana Beach is about 20 miles off the interstate between Chicago and Indianapolis, and with three CCI woodies it is definitely worth a visit. It also has a reasonable collection of flat rides, as well as a small but airtime filled S&S space shot tower Double Shot. I spent just under three hours in the park, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, but with the Cornball Express to ride, who wouldn't!

Step into a realm ruled by ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and trickery inside Dr. Frankenstein's Haunted Castle. Transported to Indiana Beach from the Doctor's native Transylvania, the castle was reconstructed brick-by-brick with
all of its inhabitants intact.
Guests have been trapped and lost forever in a room of doors. Some have run out screaming from the mere touch of a rat's tail against their skin. Still others have come out and said they have never had a better time. The castle waits to decide the fate of its next group of visitors.

*Castle admission is not included in the POP Ride Pass or Combo Ride/Water Park Pass. Admission is $3.00 per person.

Indiana Beach

Öppet   11.00-18.00 & 16.00-23.00 Park karta
Stålbanor   2 Loopar  


Träbanor   3 Km bana  


Totalt   5 Total höjd  

81 m


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BEST VALUE Ride & Slide


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Premium Parking north entrance


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Regular All Day


Water Thrill Show
      Indiana Beach is home to one of the most action filled water thrill shows in the amusement park industry! The Water Thrill show displays four times a day, 1:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM, and 7:45 PM.
      You may want to get to the viewing area of the show pretty early so you can get a seat and don't have to stand. It's located right on the midway, right across from Superstition Mountain and Gunboat Tag. Witness amazing skiing and ski-do stunts! Fire ramps, nearly colliding boats at high speeds, and ballet water dancing also accent the show!
It's approximentaley 30 minutes long.

This unique dark ride experience takes riders into the secret lair of a wealthy group of pirates and thieves. It is the rider's duty to bring these criminals to justice, and score some gold along the way. With a trusty side arm, riders take aim and have fun searching out all the treasure they can find.

This is an inside ride and it is air conditioned, so it is nice on a hot day. The ride used to be called Mystery Mansion, but they changed the rides theme. Now you ride through shooting targets with guns. A digital display on the car keeps track of your score. Bags of gold are worth 30 points while all other targets are worth 10 points. Some of the ride is in pitch blackness and there are a few creepy skeletons. Other interesting parts are when the ride goes to an outside balcony and when the ride goes into the dungeon. It is a popular ride and although I was disappointed that the Mystery Mansion was gone, I am growing to like it and my kids love it.

The log flume takes you through tunnels and some quiet waters, but don't be fooled. At the end awaits a plunge straight down into some chilled waters and a near miss from an oncoming Cornball Express.





Take flight over the waters of Lake Shafer and buzz by rnball Express & Hoosier Hurricane roller coasters aboard the wings of Air Crow! New for 2004, Air Crow lets guests pilot their own plane, coasting on the very wind itself., swinging themselves to new heights of thrills and happiness. A classic ride is reborn with all first class excitement on Indiana Beach's new Air Crow!

Indiana Beach is home to five of the greatest and most entertaining coasters to be found anywhere. From the grandfather of Indiana coasters, The Hoosier Hurricane, to the top-rated Cornball Express, there's thrill and fun for all

Be certain to climb aboard The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain - updated with new effects & surprises! Also, don't miss a chance to ride Indiana Beach's two classic steel coasters - the Galaxi and the Tig'rr!

When it debuted in 1994, The Hoosier Hurricane was the first wooden coaster built in the state of Indiana in over fifty years. Now, it stands proud as the coaster that began the Indiana wooden coaster renaissance!
Positioned over the waters of Lake Shafer, riders are taken for a wild trip of turns and drops which will have them holding onto their seats. There's even a sudden drop beneath Indiana Beach's suspension bridge!
This is a runaway mine ride through a cool mountain with a waterfall. You race over the antique autos and over the water befor returning to the mountain. You then enter complete darkness as you experience some of the mountain's inhabitants occasionally. Later you weave in and out of openings in the cave and pass near the rushing water of the falls.This ride is great for kids and adults and is very popular.
The most bone-rattling, twisting, turning, surprising, and wicked adventure at Indiana Beach resides in Superstition Mountain! The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain is a wicked trip through the mine tunnels of Superstition Mountain.
Guests ride facing each other, meaning many will experience the ride backwards - never seeing what's coming up next. Wild animals, a rolling mill, falling rocks, and many other surprises await within the mountain. Long time mountain resident Dynamite Willy is even hard at work making sure every guest has an EXPLOSIVE ride!

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain - 7.2/10 (41 votes)
themed CCI woodie built in and around the old Superstition Mountain dark ride.
iders can sit facing forwards or backwards in a two car Mine Train. Unique features include a triple up and a vertical lift.
Hoosier Hurricane - 7.3/10 (59 votes)
urrently the largest coaster at Indiana Beach, the Hoosier Hurricane was built in 1994 in just eight months. It is built 'over the park' and on the shoreline of Lake Shafer, with several parts of the ride passing over the water.
he Hurricane is CCI's first wooden coaster to feature steel supports, and at the time of opening was only one of about three wooden coasters to feature steel supports.

n intense steel coaster, the Tig'rr digs its claws into riders and sends them for a trip of sudden drops and banked turns From its first steep drop to its passes by the Cornball Express, the Tig'rr is an unforgettable ride that will leave riders breathless with laughter and screams
Tig'rr - 5.8/10 (56 votes)
Know a lot of people enjoy this kind of coaster, but I'm not one of them.
he first drop is okay, but after that and the banked turn at the bottom, the ride is very slow. Tig'rr is quite smooth and it's nice to see that there are no restraints, but that really demonstrates how tame the ride is. Not my scene!

Indiana Beach's first roller coaster is a lakeside experience not to be missed. Guests are lifted to an incredible view above the waters of Lake Shafer and sent for a fun ride of twists and spills. From over Lake Shafer to racing alongside the Boardwalk Funway, riders aboard the Galaxi are treated to an exhilarating time with the wind in their face. With an intense helix finale, absolutely nobody leaves the Galaxi disappointed!
Galaxi - 5.1/10 (55 votes)
Galaxi is a small compact coaster that features two reasonable drops and two spiralling helices.
The vehicles are well padded and consist of two cars with two seats, and buzz bars. The first two drops provide a tiny pop of air in the back, and the first helix is okay, but the rest of the ride is very slow and dull.

Crazy turns? Check. Frightening drops? Check. Insane twists & surprises? Check! The Cornball Express is one the wildest and most entertaining rides to be found anywhere on the planet. Voted the #1 Wooden Coaster in the World by in 2002, the Cornball Express is a ride like no other. Riders buzz by two other coasters, race over Indiana Beach's Kiddyland, and may experience a near head-on splashdown collision with Rocky's Rapids Log Flume. The Cornball Express is a rip-roaring good time for anyone!

Cornball Express - 9.0/10 (55 votes)
Cornball Express was Indiana Beach's second wooden coaster, and like the Hoosier Hurricane it was designed and built by CCI, and features steel supports. Parts of the ride are built into the structure of the Hoosier Hurricane, and other parts of the ride are built over some of the parks other rides and attractions. The ride is only 2,100 feet long, and is quite short, but it's absolutely packed full of insane airtime!

ccording to the CCI website, there are two trains, but only one was in operation when I visited.
he PTC trains feature individual seat belts and buzz bars. The station is built 25 feet above the park.
Indiana Beach Current Roller Coasters: 5
Coaster Type Design Opened Höjd Drop Längd Loop Typ Kommentar Builder Dessigner Status
Cornball Express Wooden Sit Down 5/18/2001 16,8   640,1 0   PTC Tåg Custom Coasters   Operating
Galaxi Steel Sit Down 1971 15     0 Galaxi   S.D.C.   Operating
Hoosier Hurricane Wooden Sit Down 5/27/1994 23,5   881,2 0   PTC Tåg Custom Coasters   Operating
Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain Wooden Sit Down 6/8/2002 10,7   426,1 0   Elevator Lift Custom Coasters   Operating
Tig'rr Coaster Steel Sit Down 1984 15   540   Jet Star   Schwarzkopf   Operating
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