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Kennywood 2005
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forts. Dag 6 Torsdag 16/6

När vi kommer fram till Kennywood på kvällen har vi 33 attraktioner, varav 6 Roller Coasters och 17 mat ställen att utforska.

There’s something for everyone at Kennywood!

arken grundades 1898, som en liten "Trolley Park" till Pittsburgh, av Monongahela Street Railway Company som då kontrollerades av Andrew Mellon.

Mer om Trolley (spårvagn)
& Trolley Park historia .

dagens Kennywood finns fortfarande 2 större byggnader ifrån 1898, carousel pavilion och en restaurang som ifrån början var Casino.

Så här så
Kennywood ut i mellan 1980-1990 parkeringen är idag The Lost Kennywood 

Så här såg det ut när parken var ung

Till vänster är det första droppet på
Jack Rabbit, till höger är det 3:e,
ett mycket bra dubbeldrop
Fakta om "The Golden age"
2000 bergochdalbanor byggda i mellan 1920 och 1929.

Lina Beecher designed the first coaster with a loop, the Flip Flap railway located at Sea Lion Park at Coney Island. The two-passenger cars ran downhill before entering a vertical loop, which looked exactly the same as those used on coasters today. However, the high G forces experienced by the riders when travelling through the loop meant that they often blacked out or sustained whiplash injuries. Due to this, the public very quickly deserted the ride in droves, it closed soon after opening and vertical loops disappeared for over 90 years.

Despite the problems with loops, the public was still demanding bigger and better thrills from parks, as the scenic railways were being seen as old hat and too slow. This resulted in teams of designers, parks and ride manufacturers collaborating to provide the greatest rides that had been constructed up to that time. As all these teams competed with each other, the scenic railways got faster and faster, and began to resemble the modern wooden roller coaster more and more. This construction frenzy culminated in the building of over 2000 coasters in the 1920's. Many of these rides were so well made that they continue to thrill the public today. These include, among others, Roller Coaster (1912) and Big Dipper (1923) at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, England and in the USA the Giant Dipper (1925) at San Diego, California, the Thunderbolt (1924) at Kennywood Park, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, and of course the Cyclone (1927) at Coney Island, New York.

Andra droppet på Phantom's Revenge 69,5 m

Pittsburg Plunge en riktig plask maskin
Det finns ett par parker som det har skrivits många böcker om, den ena är "mecka" Cedar Point, den andra är Kennywood.

Kennywood har av många kallats "The Roller Coaster Capital of the world", detta för att man har hela 3 stycken gamla träbanor i världsklass kvar ifrån "The Golden age".

Log Jammer byggd 1995
At the turn of the century, Kennywood was engaged in a fierce battle for survival with about a dozen other trolley parks and amusement resorts in Western Pennsylvania.
The Pittsburgh Street Railway Company wanted to get out of the amusement park business in 1902 so it subleased the park to first a Boston Company and later to a group from Aspinwall.
In 1906, Pittsburgh Railway Company assigned its lease to A.S. McSwigan and Frederick W. Henninger.

Det gamla karusell paviljongen ifrån 1898 numera en hyggligt bra restaurang
Many changes occurred between 1900 and 1930. In the early 1910's, Kennywood built two large roller coasters: The Racer and the Speed-O-Plane. Important rides added in the 1920's were three coasters: Jack Rabbit (Designed by Miller and Baker in 1920), Pippin (designed by John Miller in 1924), and Racer in 1927 replacing the old Racer built in 1910.
The park added a huge swimming pool in 1925.

Bilden till vänster är Pippin byggd 1924.
Det är också de två första och dom två sista droppen på dagens Thunderbolt.
Bilden ovan är den nya mittendelen byggd 1968.
The Great Depression from 1930 to 1935 was especially hard on the park. Dancing helped keep the park in business during this period as great dance bands played in the park from 1930 to 1950. Kennywood prospered in the second half of the 1930's as new rides including Noah's Ark (1936) were added. During the Second World War period, the park couldn't add new rides, but it did buy a used ferris wheel and a miniature train. It still operates the latter.
Entrén till the Lost Kennywood byggd 1995 för att hedra 20-talets gamla klassiska parker 

Noah´s Ark byggd 1936 uppfräschad många gånger senast 1996
In the 1950's school picnics grew by leaps and bounds. The park added many new rides to Kiddieland. Some popular rides in this period included the Hurricane, the Looper, the Rotor (the first ride imported from Europe), the Wild Mouse and the Octopus. With the 1960's and 1970's came competition from "Disneyland" and other theme parks. Kennywood decided to spend the money necessary to remain competitive.
The Turnpike was built in 1966 followed in 1968 by the Thunderbolt, which was redesigned from the Pippin by resident coaster whiz, Andy Vettel. With the
Thunderbolt came the designation "The Roller Coaster Capital of the World." The Dance Pavilion, a dark ride since the 1950's, burned in 1975.
In the 1980’s and 1990’s Kennywood had to keep up with changes in the amusement industry.

hey added the Raging Rapids in 1985. The park was designated a national historic landmark in 1987.


One of the most popular additions to the park was a new steel-looping coaster the Steel Phantom in 1991.

The Steel Phantom’s top speed was 80 MPH, its longest drop was 225 feet and it featured 4 loops.

The park continued to grow with it’s largest expansion ever in 1995 Lost Kennywood.

This replica of the Luna Parks from the turn of the century houses some of the parks most popular rides today.

Pitt Fall is a 251 (76m) foot tall freefall ride. It opened at Kennywood in 1997 as the tallest freefall ride in the world.

Det berömda och otroligt bra, 29 meter höga, sista droppet på
Some rides you can find in this section include the Exterminator, the Pittfall, the Pittsburgh Plunge and the Whip.

As Kennywood moves through the 21st century it continues to keep a balance of change and preservation of tradition which has always been important to it’s success. Kennywood remains one of “America’s Finest Traditional Amusement Parks.

Den unika Sköldpaddan (Turtle) ifrån 1927 är fortfarande en favorit för många i parken



Öppet   11.00-21.00 Park broschyr
Stålbanor   3 Loopar  


Träbanor   2+1 dubbel Km bana  


Totalt   7 Total höjd  

45 m


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Sen Entré börjar klockan 18.00

Night rider



Till den 15:e juni kan man köpa Kennywood inträde på Giant Eagle för $19 istället för $28.95.
Lakemont Park - Giant Eagle Altoona

När vi känner oss klara i parken åker vi de 12 kilometrarna till Hampton Inn Pittsburgh/West Mifflin för att vila några timmar efter denna långa och händelserika dag.
Tidigt nästa dag skall vi rulla vidare mot RC mecka! 
Roller Coasters


Dubbed the King of the Coasters by the New York Times in 1967, the Thunderbolt remains near the top of everyone’s “top coasters” list. It’s unique in many ways… including an amazing plunge immediately upon leaving the station and its biggest drop at the end of the ride. The Thunderbolt reaches speeds in excess of 50 mph.
Riders must be at least 52” tall to ride.

Thunderbolt Ride Fact


Phantom’s Revenge is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world. Unlike most coasters, the biggest drop on this ride is not the first but the second - a whopping 230’ reaching speeds of 85 mph. The Phantom’s Revenge travels over and under the Thunderbolt with plenty of banked curves and lots of airtime.
Riders must be at least 48” tall to ride.

Phantom's Revenge Ride Fact


This beautiful John Miller classic is the only single track, racing coaster in the United States. It is designed with a reverse curve so riders begin on the right and finish on the left. Thus, from the lift hill on, the tracks remain side-by-side rather than separating in the middle of the ride allowing riders to experience the race throughout. Riders must be at least 46” tall to ride.
Racer Ride Fact


The Jack Rabbit has been a Kennywood favorite for young and old since 1921. Designed and built by John Miller on a natural ravine, the Jack Rabbit is best known for it 70’ double-dip drop. Riders must be 36 inches tall to ride.
Riders between 36” and 46” must ride with an adult.

Jackrabbit Ride Fact
Dark Ride or Roller Coaster? It’s both! The Exterminator is a high-speed roller coaster in the dark! But that’s not the only twist – the individual cars spin as they travel the twisting turning track. Once inside the car, the rider in essence becomes the rat and travels through underground utilities and sewers to escape the enemy – Exterminators. Hairpin turns… dark & intimidating surroundings… spinning… riders can never quite be sure what’s next. Riders must be 46” tall to ride.
Riders between 46” and 52” tall must wear a seat belt while riding.

Exterminator Ride Fact

Water Rides
Just like Lost Kennywood’s inspiration, the old Luna Parks, the centerpiece of the area is an impressive chute-the-chute ride: the Pittsburg Plunge! A gigantic splash soaks both riders and onlookers as the 20 passenger boat plunges
down a 50’ drop.

Riders must be at least 36” tall to ride.
Riders between 36” and 46” must ride with a responsible person. 
Note:  Pittsburgh was originally spelled without the 'h'.  'Pittsburg Plunge' carries this original spelling.
Built in 1975, Kennywood’s first million-dollar ride, the Log Jammer, continues to make a splash! It’s also one of the most beautiful log flume rides anywhere. Riders travel this beautiful log flume ride through 1650 feet of water filled troughs in hollowed-out logs. The ride includes two lift hills, a 27’ spillway drop and a 53’ drop down the final chute. Riders must be at least 36” tall to ride.
Riders between 36” and 46” tall must ride with a responsible person.
You will get wet on Raging Rapids! Built on a natural downward sloping hillside, the Raging Rapids simulates a white water raft trip. Waterfalls, geysers and even water guns from onlookers drench riders as they traverse the course down a beautiful river canyon.

Riders must be at least 36” tall to ride. Riders between 36” and 46” must ride with a responsible person.
Thrill Rides
AERO 360
With legs dangling, riders swing back and forth attached to a familiar yellow symbol…the Kennywood Arrow! The arrows swing higher and higher with each pendulum motion, culminating in a 360 degree over the top experience. Ride more than once because choosing a different seat results in a different experience. Riders must be at least 48” tall to ride.

Aero 360 Ride Fact


King Kahuna reigns over Volcano Valley, daring guests to ride. The gondola platform contains two long 20-seat rows that are attached to two arms. While the arms rotate over 40’ in the air, the gondola itself rotates freely so riders are flung, spun, and hung upside down before the ride returns to rest. Riders must be at least 55.5” tall and under 6’5” tall to ride.
and lots of airtime.

King Kahuna Ride Fact

The Musik Express is a fast-paced circular ride traveling a track with numerous peaks and valleys.
As the name suggests, loud music plays (& lights flash wildly!) throughout the ride.
Riders must be at least 46’ tall to ride.

The Flying Carpet is a high-speed ride that begins by rocking back and forth until the momentum rotates it right over the top.
After an often-terrifying stop at the top, riders are sent in the opposite direction.
Riders must be at least 46” tall to ride.

At 251’, the Pitt Fall is the tallest structure on the Kennywood skyline. Riders slowly rise to the top of the structure with feet dangling and heart racing. Enjoy the spectacular view while rising because, once at the top, after reaching the top it’s a free fall straight to the ground! (Don’t worry, there are great big magnetic brakes.) Riders must be at least 48” tall to ride.

Pittfall Ride Fact
The Skycoaster ® is not really a ride; it is a flight.
One, two or three flyers are suited in a nylon harness and then attached to a cable that pulls them (Superman-style) to the top of the launch tower.
From 180’ above ground, riders release themselves with a parachute like ripcord… then free-fall at approximately 75 mph!

Riders must be at least 42” tall to ride. Additional cost.
Another ride in Volcano Valley, the Pirate swings back and forth until it reaches a height of 60’ at a 75-degree angle giving riders a feeling of weightlessness. Riders must be at least 39” tall to ride. Riders between 39” and 46” must ride with an adult.
Even without water this topsy-turvy spinning ride provides some ocean motion… so don’t forget your sea legs. Riders spin either forward or backward depending on the seat chosen as the Wipeout provides some serious movement. Riders must be at least 46” tall to ride.
The namesake of Volcano Valley, this ride consists of 20 swinging gondolas traveling in a circular motion. The entire ride lifts to a 90-degree, spinning the riders upside down.

Riders must be at least 46’ tall to ride.
Dark Rides

Garfield (America’s favorite fat cat) lives here… and he’s having a Nightmare! Created in bright fluorescent colors, all seen under black light, this 3D experience provides a fun and colorful trip through Garfield’s world – turned completely upside down. No height restriction


Built in 1936, this classic depiction of Noah’s famous vessel is one of only two remaining in the world today. At one time an amusement park staple, this walk through attraction continues to be a signature ride at Kennywood. Re-themed several times (most recently in 1996), guests now embark on an adventure to the famous Ark by riding an abandoned elevator and drudging through the cavernous belly of the mountain it rests upon. No height restriction
The Gold Rusher, added to the park in the early eighties, is a dark ride that is themed as a runaway mine car traveling through a haunted coal mine.
A bit frightening, yet comical, this ride is fun for adults and children alike.

No height restriction.
Classic Rides
This one-of-a-kind, 1930 classic continues to be a Kennywood favorite! Often considered a transition ride for children who are outgrowing Kiddieland, the Auto Race consists of electrically powered cars traveling along a winding, circular wooden track. Parents are permitted to be the back seat drivers.

Riders must be at least 46 inches tall or accompanied by a responsible person. No infants allowed.
Originally named the Flying Coaster, this circular ride carries up to four passengers up a hill to simulate the effect of a Kangaroo jumping. Once a regular in amusement parks, it is the last remaining of its kind.
Riders under 46” tall must ride with a responsible person. No infants allowed.
Riders must be at least 46’ tall to ride.
Bumper cars are an amusement park tradition for good reason: FUN! Gran Prix cars can travel in any direction on the rectangular floor.

Riders must be at least 46 inches tall to ride. Riders between 46” and 52” must ride with a partner.
Dubbed the soul of Kennywood by amusement park aficionado and author Charles J. Jacques, Jr., this beautiful handcrafted carousel was designed and built by the William Dentzel Company in Philadelphia.
There are 50 jumping and 14 stationary horses, a magnificent lion and tiger, and Dentzel’s signature Jesters and Cherubs.

Riders under 46” tall must ride with a responsible person.
The Olde Kennywood Railroad is a relaxing trip along the top of the bluff overlooking the Monongahela River through scenes depicting Western Pennsylvania history.
The engines, although different in style and color, were first used in the 1939 World’s Fair.

No height restriction.
Continuing a tradition dating back to 1898, guests may enjoy boating on the park’s lagoon.
Originally the park offered row boats… today it’s paddle boats.

Rider's under 46” tall must be accompanied by a responsible person; no handheld infants or children who need assistance walking. Non-swimmers must wear a life preserver. Additional fee required.
A Kennywood tradition since 1927, the Turtle is still a favorite today. Six turtle shaped cars travel on a circular track through a series of hills and dips.

Riders under 46” tall must ride with a responsible person.
No infants allowed.
Originally called the Skydiver, the Paratrooper arrived at Kennywood in the 1950’s.
It consists of ten umbrella shaped cars.
The ride rotates as it lifts in a horizontal position to a 45-degree angle.

You must be at least 36 inches tall to ride.
Riders between 36 inches tall and 46 inches tall must ride with a responsible person.
The Swing Around is located high above the lagoon – on top of the Garden Stage! – in the center of the park. 14 cars hang from a vertical sweep.
As the ride rotates, the arms oscillate outward in an alternating manner.

Riders must be at least 36 inches tall to ride. Riders between 36 inches tall and 46 inches tall must ride with a responsible person.
Built in 1966, the Turnpike’s original cars were gas powered.
Today’s ride features delightful, antique style, electric cars that travel a mile scenic track with bridges and overpasses.
This timeless ride is a favorite for young and old alike.

Riders under 46” tall must be accompanied by a responsible person.
No infants allowed. A partner is necessary to ride.
The German built Wave Swinger is one of the most beautiful rides in the park, especially at night. Its 48 swings suspend guests while the ride rotates in a circular, wavelike motion.

Riders must be at least 46 inches tall to ride.
Kennywood’s oldest flat ride, the Whip, opened in 1918.
Its popularity has not waned! 16 cars still travel an elliptical track and “whip” the riders as they go around the bend at either end… creating a great deal of laughter.

Riders under 46” tall must ride with a responsible person. No infants allowed.
4800 Kennywood Blvd, West Mifflin, PA 15122

PHONE:412-461-0500, then dial “0” for the operator

FAX: 412-464-0719
Kennywood Park Current Roller Coasters: 6
Coaster Type Design Opened Höjd Drop Längd Loop Typ Kommentar Dessigner Status
Exterminator Steel Sit Down 4/18/1999 13   420 0 Spinning Coaster Enclosed   Operating
Jack Rabbit Wooden Sit Down 1921 12,2 21,3 649,8 0 ACE RC Classic Terrain John A. Miller Operating
Lil' Phantom Steel Sit Down 1996 3 2   0 Kiddie     Operating
Phantom's Revenge Steel Sit Down 1991 48,8 69,5 975,4 0 Hyper Coaster 132 Km/t   Operating
Racer Wooden Sit Down 1927 22,1 22 685,8 0 Moebius $75,000 John A. Miller Operating
Thunderbolt Wooden Sit Down 1924 21,3 29 880 0 ACE RC Classic Terrain John A. Miller Operating

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