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Disney Paris
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Musse Pigg
- utanför Paris

Disneyland utanför Paris är Europas populäraste turistmål: 110 miljoner besökare sedan 1992.
Över 50 åkattraktioner och shower, flera hotell, en egen golfbana - och numera också en anknytande nöjespark för filmtrick: Walt Disney studios.
Öppet: dagligen kl 9 - 20, den 5 juli - 31 augusti: kl 9 - 23.
Entré: under högsäsong, april - oktober, kostar biljetten till var och en av nöjesparkerna 350 kr för vuxna, 260 kr för barn 3 - 11 år.



Disneyland Park

MainStreet, U.S.A.

Disneyland Railroad [Details]
Hurry, otherwise you might miss your train! And then: relax on this scenic railroad ride with real steam-engines around the Disneyland Park. [read more]
Horse-Drawn Streetcars [Details]
Gentle ride down Main Street, U.S.A. in genuine streetcars drawn by mighty horses. [read more]
Main Street Vehicles [Details]
Enjoy a ride in a genuine oldtimer down Main Street, U.S.A. [read more]
Discovery Arcade [Details]
Take a look at inventions of the past and a future, that never was. [read more]
Liberty Arcade [Details]
Learn about the creation of the Statue of Liberty and its connection with France.  [read more]
City Hall
  One of the first buildings the guest passes by once he entered Town Square is the City Hall - the one stop for information, reservations and all kind of services to make more out of the day.
Panorama Gallery
  Located on the Disneyland Railroad Station this gallery offers the perfect view down the Main Street, U.S.A., to the castle - a must for every photographer, also great during parades...


Big Thunder Mountain [Details]
Climb into one of those old mine-trains and experience the thrills of the wildest ride in the West. [read more]
Phantom Manor [Details]
High above the Rivers of the Far West resides this once beautiful mansion, which houses a dark secret. [read more]
Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing [Details]
The elegant steamboats "Mark Twain" and "Molly Brown" embark on a gentle cruise around the Rivers of the Far West. [read more]
River Rogue Keelboats [Details]
Take a journey around the beautiful Rivers of the Far West aboard the small River Rogue Keelboats. [read more]
Legends of the Wild West [Details]
Discover an old Wild West fort and see how those lived, who dared to settle down in the wilderness.  [read more]
Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery [Details]
Try your luck at this Wild West-themed shooting arcade.  [read more]
Pocahontas Indian Village [Details]
Let your children play for a while at this playground.  [read more]
Critter Corral [Details]
Let your children discover and touch real farm animals, which seem to come right out of the Wild West. [read more]
Chaparral Theater [Details]
Located at the shores of the Rivers of the Far West the stage is famous for its huge productions in natural settings ... [read more]


  Wander past the Phantom Manor along the Rivers of the Far West and you will find yourself in this unique boothill - with a great view over the geysirs...

Lucky Nugget Saloon [Details]

  This famous saloon in the heart of Thunder Mesa invites young and old to a western style dinner with Disney Characters ... [read more]


Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril [Details]
  Follow the foot-steps of Indiana Jones and go on a high-speed ride through the ruins of the Temple du Péril. [more]
Pirates of the Caribbean [Details]
  Set sail and encounter a bunch of swashbuckling pirates as they bring havoc to a small Caribbean town. [more]
Adventure Isle [Details]
  Explor this tropical part of Adventureland with its hidden caves, grottos and treasures... [more]
La Cabane des Robinson [Details]
  Climb high into this huge tree, where the shipwrecked Family Robinson has built a magnificent new home. [more]
Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin [Details]
  Explore this lovely walk-through attraction, where you can see the most beloved scenes from Disney's animated feature "Aladdin". [more]
Captain Hook's Galley
  Borad this impressive galley and feel like Captain Hook himself overlooking the lagoon with the Skull Rock in your back...
Pirates' Beach
  Are you ready? Right next to Captain Hook's Galley this detailed playground awaits those who are dreaming of being a pirate - strictely offlimited for parents this is the place for the young guests...