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Six Flags Passet Gäller här Warner Bros. Movie World
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Six Flags Passet Gäller här

Hollywood in Germany. Be sure not to miss Wild Wild West, Germany's first wooden coaster.
Another thrill can be found in Lethal Weapon or in Eraser.
eople who need to cool down a bit can try Bermuda Triangle or Never Ending Story.
or the children there is Looney Tunes Land, where they can meet their favorite friends.
e sure to visit at least one of the shows!

Bermuda Triangle

This waterride is taking you inside the vulcano, and it will surprise you through its journey.
We won't be telling you the effects, because that would ruin the surprises and the fun of the ride.
Anyway, this is a 'must do'-ride, certainly on hot days.

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Attraction Type Shoot-the-Chute
Opening 1996
Special Elements Mainly an indoor ride, invertor-element
Theming Vulcano
Average waiting time 50 minutes
Never-ending story
Most of you might remember this movie, with the hitsingel from Limahl "Never Ending Story".

t's a story about a young boy, Bastian who tries to save the world of Fantasia.
The visitors of this ride must help him to accomplish his mission.

This rapid river ride is one of the better rapid river rides in Europe. Especially the theming is great!
Attraction Type Rapid River
Opening 1996
Special Elements Special effects
Theming Based on the movie "Never ending story"
Average waiting time 35 minutes
Constructor Intamin AG


Blazing Saddels
  Thrill rides

Riddlers RevengeEraser The RideLethal WeaponLethal Weapon
Riddler´s Revenge                    Eraser The Ride                                     Lethal Weapon 2 bilder

Warner Bros. Movie World offers action pure! No matter if you plunge 60 meters deep from the free-fall-tower, "The Wild Bunch", or join in on the "Lethal Weapon Pursuit" roller coaster for a 100 second, action packed car chase: an adrenalin rush is guaranteed! "Blazing Saddles" and "Riddler's Revenge" are no less turbulent, but be careful not to loose your orientation. Germany's first wooden roller coaster "Wild Wild West" takes passengers up to the highest mountains and

Wild Bunch

deepest valleys at breathtaking speeds of up to 70 km/h. If you're still ready for more, then how about loopings up to 30 meters high and curves taken at rapid speeds: "Eraser" will satisfy your taste for adventure. Last but not least, don't forget the "Batman Adventure" where you will assist the super hero side-by-side on his pursuit through Gotham

Blazing Saddels
Eraser The Ride
Lethal Weapon
Riddler´s Revenge
Wild Bunch
Wild Wild West
Dator Simulering
Jätte swing gunga
Inverterad Roller Coaster
Dubbel Roller Coaster
Top Spinn
60 meter roto drop
Stor träbana med bra betyg

110 cm
145 cm
130 cm
130 cm
140 cm
145 cm
120 cm

Thrill Rides    

Bathhouse Action Family Theme

Blazing Saddle Action Family Theme

Riddler's Revenge Action Family Theme
Top Spin

The Wild Bunch Action Family Theme
Gyro Drop
Wild Wild West
Coyote's and Roadrunner's Rollercoaster

Familje åk
Tom & Jerry Roller Coaster
A special highlight for our little guests: The Looney Tunes Land. Some of the many attractions you'll find here are "Tweety's and Sylvester's Tree House, a four meter high mini-free-fall-tower or "Tom & Jerry's Mouse in the House", a crazy and wild roller coaster which the whole family can enjoy. The "Never Ending Story" will take you on an upstream journey in circular boats through enchanted caves and foggy canyons into the magical forest. Not to forget and a definite must for every family album: a photo shooting with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

 Familje åk    

Looney Tunes Carrousel Action Family Theme

Looney Tunes Tea Party Action Family Theme
Teacup Ride

Marienhof Carrousel Action Family Theme
Wave Swinger
 Barn attraktioner    

Looney Tunes Park Action Family Theme
Children's Ride-zone with Looney Tunes Characters

Tweety's & Sylvester's Baumhaus Action Family Theme
Frog Hopper
Bermuda Triangle In addition to breathtaking shows and high-speed roller coasters, Warner Bros. Movie World has many exhilarating water rides to offer. Join a ride through the notorious "Bermuda Triangle" - an expedition into the unknown. Drifting through subterranean rapids, tumbling waterfalls, guests discover a mysterious world of aliens. "The Never Ending Story" is a journey into the legendary world of Fantasia where you'll meet all of your favorite characters from the blockbuster movie, like Race Snail, Rock Biter and of course Fuchur, the lucky dragon and Morla, the tortoise. In "Looney Tunes Adventure" you'll team up with Speedy Gonzales, Tweety and Sylvester on an adventurous water ride through canyons,
caves and forests.
 Vatten Åk    

Bermuda Triangle Action Family Theme

Never-ending story Action Family Theme
Rapid River
Neverending Story
Neverending Story

Hollywood Boulevard is the heart of Warner Bros. Movie World. You’ll find a variety of restaurants and stores that offer a true Hollywood flair.


 Dark Rides med visuella effekter    

Batman Adventure Action Family Theme

Cartoon Theatre Action Family Theme
Cinema - Cartoon

Gremlins Invasion Action Family Theme
Tour through the Studios, which are taken by the Gremlins

Looney Tunes Adventure Action Family Theme
Tow Boat Ride Through Cartoon-land

Roxy Theatre Action Family Theme
3D movie Cartoon
 Shower och underhållning    

Batman & Robin Stuntshow
Stuntshow in Gotham City

Bugs & Friends Music Party
Show with music and dance

Movie Magic
Interactive show Become the new star in a movie

Movie Studio Tour
Tour Get ackwainted with the studios

Movieworld on Parade
Parade Of several Warner Bros characters

Police Academy Stuntshow

The Real Hollywood Stunt Show

The Silver Dollar Saloon
Show Danse and music with country singers and cancan girls

Wild West Screen Show
Magic show Show with illusions
 Roller Coasters    

Coyote's & Roadrunner Coaster Action Family Theme
Junior Steel Coaster

Eraser Action Family Theme
SLC-Suspended Looping Coaster

Lethal Weapon Action Family Theme
Steel Looping Coaster Dual track

Tom&Jerry's Mouse in the House Action Family Theme
Wild Mouse

Wild Wild West Action Family Theme
Wooden Coaster

Roller Coasters på Warner Brothers Movie World 6 st






Coyote's and Roadrunner's Rollercoaster

90 cm





130 cm




Lethal Weapon Pursuit Left

130 cm




Lethal Weapon Pursuit Right

130 cm




Tom and Jerry's Mouse in the House

120 cm




Wild Wild West

120 cm




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